White Goods Solutions.

Corrosion and Temperature Resistant.

  • Reliable Connections for
    the White Goods Industry.
    Oetiker provides economical connections that ensure uniform compression and are quick and easy to install. Our trusted clamps can be found in water switches, pumps, drains, sprayers and other water line connections. We offers the best solution for each application, ensuring a secure connection for daily operation.
  • Oetiker Clamps for Dishwashers
    White Goods clamps for Dishwasher Pumps
  • White Goods Corrosion Resistance Corrosion Resistance
    Corrosion resistance is important whenever water is involved. We understand this need within the White Goods industry and offer reliable connecting solutions for washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, ensuring high preformance and corrosion resistance.
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  • White Goods Reliability Reliablity
    To avoid leakage in a consumer’s home due to a poor connection in a dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator, Oetiker ensures that all connecting solutions have reliable performance.
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  • White Goods Easy Assembly Easy Assembly
    Oetiker offers 360° solutions, including automated assembly tools in compliance with Industry 4.0. This provides the benefit of fast assembly, data archiving and supports automated production lines.
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  • Introducing:StepLess® Ear Clamps
    - Light Fit 123

    Oetiker StepLess® Ear Clamps – Light Fit 123 are designed for various industrial applications, including White Goods, where an optimum balance between reliable performance and economic efficiency is critical. The clamp has a closed tongue-in-groove design which enhances the band strength and provides a smooth outer contour.

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