Membrane Seal Quick Connector


- Keeps factory floors clean & safe

- Low insertion force

- Retains fluid in assembly

- Improved cleanliness

- Tool free installation

- Easily serviceable

- Space and weight savings

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The Membrane Seal Quick Connector has all the benefits of the Oetiker Quick Connector while completely sealing off fluid from leaking out of the module until the tube is fully inserted. Once tube is fully inserted the membrane seal is positioned into a "pocket" which allows for uninterrupted flow and zero pressure drop. Special tube geometry is needed as the traditional tube end form will not work with the Membrane Seal Quick Connector.

관련 주제

  • 퀵 커넥터

    퀵 커넥터 210 알루미늄
  • 퀵 커넥터

    퀵 커넥터 201 강철



    Membrane Seal Quick Connectors 201 & 210

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