Steam Equipment Solutions.

Temperature resistant. Space
efficient. Reliable.

  • Reliable Connections for Steam Equipment Manufacturers.
    Oetiker connections provide uniform compression in space restricted environments. Our trusted clamps can be found within steam equipment between water tanks, pumps, boilers and nozzles. Offering the best solution for every connection need, Oetiker connections withstand high working pressure, ensuring hot water and steam run leak-free in Steam Irons and Cleaners.
  • Oetiker Clamps for Steam Irons
    Oetiker Clamps for Steam Irons
  • Oetiker SMILE Compact Temperature Resistance
    To ensure a connection is properly sealed, independent of the temperature of the media running through the hoses, Oetiker provides connecting solutions that work for high and low temperatures. We understand the importance of reliable product performance, especially in steam equipment using hot water steam.
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  • Oetiker SMILE Adaptable Space Efficiency
    Since space in steam equipment is limited, every connection should only take up the least amount of space possible. Oetiker offers a variety of connecting solutions, including low profile clamp styles without an 'ear', to make the most of the space available while still ensuring the best performance.
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  • Oetiker SMILE Efficient Reliability
    To make sure hot steam reaches the right spot, every hose needs to be in the right place and every connection needs to be secure. At Oetiker we ensure this through our 360° Solution Approach, including high-quality clamps, assembly tools and technical services.
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