Locking Assurance Cap System for Quick Connectors 201 & 210

  • Assurance ridge: prevents installation to unassembled quick connector and tube interface
  • Robust latch and hinge mechanism: easy and reliable installation over tube
  • Nylon polyamide material: inherent corrosion and temperature resistance and lightweight material
  • Machined locking groove: seats and holds retaining teeth for secondary latch mechanism
  • 기술 데이터 개요


    The Locking Assurance Cap system serves as a device to provide 100% confidence the tube is fully seated into the quick connector and features a durable secondary latch.

    관련 주제

    • 퀵 커넥터

      퀵 커넥터 210 알루미늄
    • 퀵 커넥터

      퀵 커넥터 201 강철



      Locking Assurance Cap System

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