Zlombol Rally with Oetiker's Proud Participation

We are thrilled to share the incredible success of the 2023 Złombol Rally, which was held from July 1st to July 6th. Every year this event unites adventurers and car enthusiasts in an extraordinary journey to support a charitable cause. The rally, aptly named after the Polish word "Złom" meaning "scrap" or "junk," proved to be anything but ordinary as participants embarked on a unique adventure, driving old vehicles from the starting line at Chorzów, Poland, to the breathtaking destination of Nazaré, Portugal. 

A Journey Fueled by Charity

The 2023 Złombol Rally stood out with its charitable mission, aiming to make dreams come true for children from orphanages. The dedication of the participants and their donors led to a remarkable achievement of raising over 2 million Polish PLN (>430k CHF), which brings the total sum collected over 17 years of this annual initiative to 14.3 million PLN (>3.1 mio CHF)! These funds will be instrumental in fulfilling the aspirations of these young souls, providing them with hope and opportunities for a brighter future. 

A Touch of Irony: Złombol and Gumball Connection

The name "Złombol" not only pays homage to the word "Złom" but also humorously hints at the renowned "Gumball Rally," known for its extravagance and luxury – a stark contrast to the humble and aged vehicles used in the Złombol Rally. Nevertheless, the event fostered a profound sense of camaraderie and adventure, bringing participants together for a noble cause. 

Oetiker's Proud Participation: A Passionate Employee Speaks 

Kamil Karpik, R&D Test Engineer from Oetiker Poland, represented Oetiker at this year’s event. He expressed immense pride in being a part of the Złombol Rally and shared his passion for cars and traveling. In his own words, "I feel incredibly proud to represent Oetiker in the Złombol Rally. It's a perfect combination of my two passions. But what makes this experience truly special is knowing that my love for these things can be channeled to help other people through such a meaningful charity rally." Kamil participated in the initiative for the eighth time in a row.

While he is passionate about the race, it has not always been easy for Kamil. He recalls, "Our first edition - and the seventh overall - ended in Lloret de Mar; we had to cover three thousand kilometers in one direction. The adventure began when, apart from a gasket under the cylinder head, everything in the car broke down. After about seven hundred kilometers, it turned out that we were driving on a broken spark plug and there was even a problem unscrewing it. It was a real journey, and I have to say, it's addictive - I initially planned to join the rally just once, but I've already been on seven of them. Taking time off during Złombol is sacred to me. It's easy to catch the bug, even for those who were initially skeptical." 

We appreciate Kamil's dedication and enthusiasm in contributing to such a meaningful cause through the Złombol Rally, and we are happy to donate to the charitable mission of the event. 

Fostering Psychological Support and Fulfilling Dreams 

The funds raised during the Złombol Rally will be instrumental in supporting various targets that focus on providing psychological support and fulfilling dreams for children in need. These targets include: 

  • Psychological Support: Initiatives such as individual therapies, groups therapies and supervision for caregivers will be introduced to offer the children a strong emotional foundation.
  • Enriching Experiences: The children will be given the opportunity to participate in various enriching experiences, including trips, excursions, camps, holidays and club outings tailored to their individual interests.
  • Individual Dreams: The funds will enable the realization of personalized dreams for each cild, such as obtaining a driving license, attending language courses, aquiring sport equipment, subscribing to favorite magazines and recieving special gifts on significant occasions. This element emphasizes the importance of empowering the children to make decisions about their lives.

The 2023 Złombol Rally was an overwhelming success, not only due to the remarkable journey undertaken by participants but also for the profound impact it will have on the lives of children in need. Through the collective efforts of participants, sponsors and passionate supporters like our dedicated Oetiker employee, dreams will be realized, and hope will be instilled in the hearts of young souls. We eagerly await the next edition of this inspirational event!