15 Country European Roadshow

As 2023 came to an end, Oetiker's Roadshow concludes, marking a fantastic journey covering 26,000 kilometers, 70 customer visits and 15 countries across the European region. This adventure brought together over 600 industry professionals from diverse departments, sparking collaboration and innovation.

At the heart of this journey was our diverse portfolio, spotlighting our new Electro-Pneumatic Controller 01 (EPC 01). This innovative clamp assembly tool was designed to elevate automation, ensuring process safety and consistency while aligning with Industry 4.0 standards. The enthusiasm and curiosity it generated led to customers incorporating it in their assembly lines, and we are thrilled to help implement this solution for them.

We are grateful for the opportunity to deepen relationships and help implement our solutions, empowering our customers' operations.

Thanks to all who joined us on this incredible ride.