Reliable Connections for HVAC Systems

Oetiker, a leading manufacturer of Connecting Solutions announces a new focus on the HVAC industry, bringing its proven expertise and commitment to Peace of Mind to a wider range of applications. Building on a legacy of success in the automotive market, Oetiker is investing in innovating designs and tooling specifically tailored to meet the critical needs of HVAC systems. These innovative connections offer significant advantages including:

· Reduced installation time

· Eliminating callbacks

· Flame-free connections

· Space efficient connections


For all HVAC systems, sealing refrigerant is critical to maintaining the operation of the system and protecting our environment. Oetiker provides a Peace of Mind to ensure our customers have a reliable, safe, and proven connection for HVAC systems.


Oetiker is committed to ongoing research and development, continuously refining its offerings to provide customers with the most advanced and effective solutions. In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the HVAC & R trade show 2023 in Tokyo Japan.

For Peace of Mind with your HVAC connections, Contact US | Oetiker to see how Oetiker can help you.