Oetiker Group unaffected by Russia suspending natural gas supplies

Oetiker is actively monitoring the impact of Russia’s decision to suspend natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria.

Currently, we are not aware of any direct restrictions or disruptions, neither in our own production facility in Poland, nor at suppliers within these countries. Our risk analysis shows that in the short-term, we do not expect any effect on our business and operations. Like many companies who operate in Poland, natural gas is used to power heating in production halls. With the transition to spring and summer months, we do not anticipate any challenges to our production capabilities over the next few months. With regard to electricity, our current provider is not significantly dependent on natural gas. In the longer-term, under the umbrella of our corporate-wide Sustainability initiative, we plan to reduce demand by investing in solar energy and becoming more efficient in our operations.

We also assure sufficient raw material inventories and a global footprint to ensure continuity of supply.

Further investigations to identify direct and indirect effects is continuously ongoing. Should we have any concerns, Oetiker will announce them without delay.