Color Coded ID Clamps

Product Description
Color Coded ID Clamps are made of pre-coated epoxy steel, which has a color stripe on the band surface for final visual inspection in the assembly line to differentiate driveshafts built in the car.
Epoxy primer ensures ink adhesion that satisfies even the most demanding customer applications, providing a semi-permanent mark that is suitable for mass production. Printing equipment is already available in almost all locations which produce clamps from band, and can be transferred seamlessly between different production lines to accommodate almost every product group

Product Features
- High color adhesion performance: ink is much more stable on plastic (epoxy coated) surface than metal surface
- Wide variety of colors: 10 distinguishable colors available for visual inspection purpose
- Ink over 360°: a perfectly colored ink throughout the whole circumference
- Clamp characteristics: same mechanical and chemical performance as 167 10.0 × 1.0 mm
Customer Benefits
- Poka-Yoke by visual inspection
- Wide variety of colors available
- High ink adhesion performance
- No change in mechanical or chemical performance
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