China COVID-19 lockdowns

Oetiker is closely following the COVID-19 situation in China. With lockdowns in Shanghai and closures now in Beijing, there are major disruptions across a number of industries, including automotive. 

Oetiker Group’s production and supply chains have so far been unaffected by these disruptions. Our production facility in Tianjin remains fully operational and we are fulfilling orders directly. As Tianjin is operating without any restrictions, all seaports and airports are operating normally. We have had no shipping constraints caused by the COVID-19 virus but of course are still subject to disruptions in the global shipping and logistics industry e.g. limited container availability, etc. 

Oetiker’s supply chain has been unaffected and we have had no interruptions to our production plans. Most of our suppliers are based in Tianjin and are not affected by lockdown restrictions. For the few Shanghai-based suppliers, we have been able to overcome challenges arising from the restrictions. 

We will continue to monitor the situation, and will of course do everything possible to maintain supply chains and to meet orders.