Introducing the NEW WingGuard Strap Clamp 270!

Our customers are looking out for occupant safety and we are looking out for them. The WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270, with its innovative and unique feature of the WingGuard® locking mechanism, is the perfect solution for automotive occupant safety applications.
Inflator Fixation and Sealing
Eight times faster than the blink of an eye. In the event of a crash, side-impact airbags must fully inflate within 15 milliseconds. Once the airbag deploys, deflation begins immediately, with gas escaping through vent holes in the fabric. The reliable sealing and fastening of the textile cushion to the inflator becomes a lifesaving feature.
Electric Vehicles
The electric vehicle is essentially the same as today’s gas-powered equivalent, including its airbags. The requirement of enhanced reliability will continue on into the electric vehicle. The WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 assures that it will not uncouple during deployment. Keeping us safe to see the day when we all drive an electric vehicle.
The Strap Clamp 270 is a space efficient clamp with variable locking diameters which withstands high expansion forces. Its low installation height makes it easy and efficient to assemble over the bracket and airbag material. As the No. 1 provider of connections for the airbag systems, we help automotive safety component manufacturers around the world to produce meticulously tested occupant safety products. Whatever our customers’ needs, performance requirements, space restrictions or assembly, we deliver the best suited connection.
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