Introducing the NEW Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamp 280!

The latest release of the Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamp 280 allows us to offer customized solutions for exhaust and air intake applications. With increased sealing capabilities, this product is a high quality connection for commercial and industrial vehicles.
Strong Sealing Capabilities
Commercial and industrial vehicles need to be reliable. People are affected if a pipe connection failure occurs. Leakage can cause engine damage resulting in your truck or bus breaking down, which can lead to a possible late delivery or stranded passengers. The strong sealing capabilities of the Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamp 280 can withstand hot gas temperatures, frequent vibrations and external loads, making it your most reliable connection. Commercial and Industrial Vehicles are mission-critical and require components that can live up to their responsibilities.
Emission Reduction
Legislation is playing a larger role in protecting the environment so it becomes more and more important that the components in your commercial vehicle’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) cooler are reliable to reduce the amount of emissions released. The Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamp 280 is optimized for extreme exhaust applications. It can ensure connection through high frequent vibration and shaking that may otherwise result in leaking of toxic gas. Productivity is the result of efficient components.
The Heavy Duty V-Profile 280 is optimized for superior load performance. The 360º positioning allows for improved access. The Quick-Lock Trunnion is designed for easy and reliable handling and assembly. The Heavy Duty V-Profile Clamp 280’s compact and lightweight design meets all the Euro IV emission standards. We provide connections for many applications, such as turbochargers or other non-automotive powertrain systems. Working closely with our customers, we keep progress moving forward one connection at a time.