360° Support for Reliable Connections

With the automotive industry moving into the next generation, components and applications are evolving and changing every day. A major Tier 1 supplier was working on a new coolant program which included a new radiator tube that required a larger diameter multi crimp ring (MCR). While looking for a solution, a request was submitted to Oetiker for a MCR that would fit this new radiator tube. Oetiker's Sales and Technical Support teams found a solution with the Cross Welded Multi Crimp Ring 250, which offers a diameter range of 15 mm to 120.5 mm.

Even though the Cross Welded Multi Crimp Ring 250 had not yet been released for production or sale, Oetiker's Research and Development team thought outside the norm and was able to provide samples to the customer for testing. The customer also did not have assembly tools immediately available, so Oetiker offered to support all prototype assemblies for initial preproduction vehicles.

Oetiker was able to provide a suitable size clamp (MCR 250) that met all of the Tier 1 supplier's expectations and testing requirements, as well as providing tooling support for prototype assembly. This 360° support approach of product, installation and technical guidance gave the customer peace of mind that their application was reliably connected.

Key Benefits of the Cross Welded Multi Crimp ring 250

- Full material cross-section over 360°: constant pressure applied uniformly around the circumference offers leak-free sealing
- Flexible diameter reduction: high, adjustable surface pressure, very easy to install
- Low assembled height: minimum space requirement, no imbalance on rotating parts and reduced risk to damage neighboring parts
- Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

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