Yokohama Finds Success with an Aluminum Quick Connect

Oetiker Polymer Quick Connects (QC), secured with a StepLess® Ear Clamp 167, were used on the power steering cooling hoses of the Dodge Ram. The parts passed initial lab testing to withstand Yokohama’s given pressure specifications. The challenge came during real environment durability tests, when actual truck conditions including extreme vibration and jouncing appeared. This caused the existing design of the quick connect to fail.

Oetiker redesigned a more robust and durable part that would survive actual real world truck conditions. These new Oetiker QCs were lab and field tested to ensure their durability under realistic conditions.

Oetiker replaced the polymer QC part with a more durable, custom aluminum QC at the same price, while using minimal materials and existing automation. The aluminum QC used the same Oetiker StepLess® Ear Clamp 167 connection, took up less space and fit better than the original polymer QC it replaced.

Key Benefits of the Quick Connector 210 Aluminum

- Ruggedly constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum: inherent corrosion resistance
- Optional washer: component reduction for in-tank coolers
- One piece machined body: 100% production leak tested
- Designed for maximum performance: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped
- Improved ergonomics and cleanliness: with rounded corners
- Controlled axial clearance: prevents micro leakage
- Minimum pressure drop: ensures optimum flow
- Robust retainer mechanism: low insertion force
- External ISO seal: leak prevention at thread interface
- Internal seal: leak prevention at tube interface

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