Introducing the NEW Multi Crimp Ring 250!

We are pleased to announce the global release of the Multi Crimp Ring 250 with innovative "cross-welded technology" which has been developed for Cooling & Heating systems, as well as Air Intake applications, which require strong, low profile connecting solutions in a wide variety of diameters and band dimensions. This resilient technology for permanent connections allows ultimate space-saving and optimum StepLess® sealing, along with efficient and reliable installation.
The cross welded technology combines flexible production of various sizes with a highly robust connection of the ring ends.
Uniform and Safe Sealing
The reliability of the Multi Crimp Ring 250’s 360° uniform and safe sealing enhances fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emission.
When it comes to your engine’s cooling system it is important that the hoses and pipes are functional and free of leaks. Slow leaking of fluids can contribute to environmental pollution and a fast leak can leave your vehicle inoperable and you stranded.
Electric Vehicles
Did you know that electric and hybrid vehicles also have liquid cooling systems? This cooling system has some of the same requirements as the fuel vehicles we drive today, such as uniform sealing and holding performance. As you can imagine EV’s have a very complex circuit system that calls for space efficient and light weight designed components. With a low profile design, the Multi Crimp Ring 250 presents a high quality and reliable connection that also meets the demands of our future.
With systems becoming increasingly more complex, so does the demand for space efficient and lightweight designs. The Multi Crimp Ring 250’s low profile, smooth design allows for a more multiplex system without compromise to quality and reliability.
The Multi Crimp Ring 250 has a high compression rate that offers superior sealing and holding force for the large wall thickness of multi-layer hose materials.
Overall, the design of the Multi Crimp Ring 250 allows for fast and reliable installation. The minimum space requirement and flexible diameter reduction makes it lightweight and ultimate space saving!
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