Oetiker meets Aftermarket requirements

Oetiker meets Aftermarket requirements
Aftermarket and service repair industries require products that ensure quick and easy installation, minimizing warranty claims and preventing return service repairs. With billions of connections in service on over 20 different vehicle brands, Oetiker connecting solutions are the OEM choice.
As a world leading provider of innovative connecting solutions, customers count on Oetiker to provide peace of mind for aftermarket connections with OEM quality and ISO Standards. Pioneering reliable fastening components for over 75 years, we deliver high quality connecting and assembly solutions that are simpler, smarter and stronger.
DualHook Adjustable Ear Clamps 259
We would like to welcome our newest development, the DualHook Adjustable Ear Clamps 259. Our new clamps come with just eight part numbers and covers a wide diameter range between 24.5 – 120.2 mm. This leads to improved logistics and reduced stock inventory.

Features and Benefits
Optimized interlock design: three dual hooks provided extra high force 
Waved band edge with dimples: enhances band strength and avoids risk of breakage
Tongue-in-groove design: provides StepLess® feature for the whole adjustable range and a smooth sliding into the recess 
Burr-free strop edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped 
Click here to get more information on the clamp or download a free virtual sample.