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Celebrating 75 Years! 3/6/2017

Horgen, Switzerland, 6 March 2017

Our story began in Switzerland back in 1942. The then 24-year-old Hans Oetiker founded a small workshop at lake Zurich. He was driven by the simple need for a strong and reliable connection. And he never stopped inventing. Ultimately, it led him to patent the world’s first ear clamp in 1951.

One idea always led to the next. Our company’s remarkable development gained momentum. Technical and marketing innovations began to produce success after success.

Today, the Oetiker Group produces billions of products every year. The company employs development and application engineers around the world, committed to creating the connections that advance our lives, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional inventiveness of our company’s founder.

We are honored to be celebrating 75 years of service to our customers and look forward to many more years to come.

NEW WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270: Extended Clamping Range. Superior Assembly. 10/4/2016

Horgen, Switzerland, 4 October 2016

In close cooperation with key Occupant Safety Systems customers, we are pleased to announce the WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 as the newest product in our portfolio of Occupant Safety Systems solutions.

This product is especially designed for today’s stringent requirements within the fixation of curtain airbag applications. The low profile design of the WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 is ideal to fit compact spaces. Strong holding forces enable the clamp to withstand high stress and intense pressure surges. The strap provides an extended diameter range to fit various application diameters and irregular shapes.

The WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 is assembled with our new Oetiker FAST 3000 electromechanical assembly tool. The quick and reliable Oetiker FAST 3000 includes our AdvantEdge® closing mechanism which ensures a closure without harming the underlying materials or leaving debris. By using this tool, full process monitoring is available, including 100% data recording.

Learn more about the WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270 and the Oetiker FAST 3000 with AdvantEdge® technology.

Watch a video featuring our entire portfolio of Occupant Safety Systems Solutions.

Oetiker Group acquires Jiffy-tite Group, a leading manufacturer of engineered fluid connection parts 3/2/2016

Horgen, Switzerland / Lancaster, USA, 1 March 2016

Oetiker Group, a leading international manufacturer of connecting solutions, acquired all shares of Jiffy-tite Group effective 1 March 2016. The acquisition of Jiffy-tite, a leading manufacturer of fluid connection parts, allows Oetiker to gain a stronger foothold in the quick connect market and further strengthens its position as one of the leading suppliers of connecting technology to the automotive industry.

Jiffy-tite is a manufacturer of market leading, highly engineered fluid connection parts and assemblies primarily used in the automotive industry. The Company pioneered quick connectors for fluid transfer applications that include transmission oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and engine glycol cooling. Using this core technology, the company has subsequently developed connections for further applications such as thermal management systems, turbocharger systems, electric vehicle high current systems and all-wheel drive systems. Today, Jiffy-tite’s products are used on over 23 automobile brands all over the world. The company is headquartered in Lancaster, NY and has a second production facility in Batavia, NY and sales offices in Novi, MI and Frankfurt, Germany. The company generates revenues of approx. USD 90 million with a workforce of approx. 300 employees.

Jiffy-tite was founded by Robert and Shirley Zillig in 1963. The company shifted focus to the automotive industry in 1986 after their son, Steve Zillig, bought the business from his parents. “Our success in North America has earned us a reputation which has opened doors for us overseas. As our business continues to expand, we must adapt to customers who do not live within driving distance of us. Being now part of the global Oetiker Group, I see many growth opportunities for our products, especially in Europe and Asia”, says Steve Zillig, former owner and CEO of Jiffy-tite Group. “Furthermore, as family owned companies, both Jiffy-tite and Oetiker share a tradition of entrepreneurship and many common values and attributes, which makes Oetiker even more of an ideal partner for Jiffy-tite.”

"The acquisition of Jiffy-tite aligns perfectly with our long-term strategy to be a global leader for high-end connecting solutions in the vehicle industry” says Thomas Meier-Bickel, CEO of Oetiker Group. "Jiffy-tite’s highly engineered, application focused products, especially its quick connects, are an optimal complement to our clamping portfolio, resulting in a broader offering of connecting solutions for a wider range of applications to our automotive customers.”

Paramax Securities, LLC (a subsidiary of Paramax Corporation), acted as exclusive advisor to the Jiffy-tite Group and ZETRA International to the Oetiker Group in this transaction.

For additional information about Jiffy-tite please visit

Oetiker Group wins the coveted Prix SVC Economic Region of Zurich 2016 1/21/2016

Zurich, Switzerland / 21 January 2016

An exciting evening for both the awardees as well as the 1800 guests. The fifth Prix SVC Economic Region of Zurich goes to the Oetiker Group.

Managed by our CEO Thomas Meier-Bickel in the third generation, the Swiss-based Oetiker Group is successfully positioned as a global market leader in connecting technology, such as clamps, rings and connectors, and assembly solutions. With our worldwide network of 30 locations, the Oetiker Group is servicing customers in more than 70 countries. As recognition of this substantial success, the Swiss Venture Club (SVC) awards us with the prestigious trophy in 2016.

Michael Steinmann, president of the 13 members experts jury paid tribute to the freshly awarded winner in his laudation “The Oetiker Group impressively demonstrates, that the company could strengthen its market position by developing new methods and technologies. The Oetiker Group is moreover a shining example of a Swiss family-owned business that successfully managed to ensure its company succession.” 

As of Nov 1, 2015 Rostra Tool Company is operating under the Oetiker brand. 11/1/2015

In October 2014, Rostra Tool Corporation, with over 100 years in the hand tool design and manufacturing business, became part of the Oetiker Group.

Effective November 1, 2015, Rostra Tool became officially known as the Oetiker Tool Corporation, internally known as OTC.  Oetiker Tool Corporation is dedicated to helping the Oetiker Group support our system selling approach by complementing our products and services with easy to use, reliable installation hand tools that allow our customers to better assemble their mission-critical flow systems.

Hand tools designed and produced by OTC will be sold under the Oetiker brand name, while in certain specialty markets the Sargent Quality Tool trademark, and, will be retained where the brand has been established for over 100 years.

Levi Peterson operates under the integrative brand of Oetiker 10/15/2015

Horgen, Switzerland / Anderstorp, Sweden, 15 October 2015

Acting under our uniform market presence, our heavy duty vehicle specialists draw on a global competence network of Oetiker to provide our globally operating customers with high quality connections in trucks and buses, as well as construction vehicles and tractors.

In August, 2014, Levi Peterson Industri AB became part of the Oetiker Group. In particular, the addition of V-profile clamps and straps enhances the Oetiker solution portfolio and allows us to further strengthen our market position as a global leader for high quality connections for mission-critical flow systems in vehicles.

Oetiker receives Bosch Global Supplier Award 7/16/2015

Stuttgart, Germany / 16 July 2015

Oetiker has been honored with the “Bosch Global Supplier Award 2015” from Robert Bosch GmbH in the Mechanics category. Markus Haenzi, Executive Director for EMEA at Oetiker and Andreas Wissert, Automotive Sales Director for EMEA at Oetiker accepted the award.

Among 58 winners from eleven countries, Oetiker has been recognized for outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of products or services – notably in the areas of quality, costs, logistics, and innovations. “The Bosch Global Supplier Award honors our top suppliers, who play such a key role in Bosch’s success,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the Bosch board of management, at the award ceremony in Stuttgart. “Our suppliers are important partners in helping us shape the connected world. We want to work with them to develop beneficial solutions for our customers.” The theme of this year’s award ceremony was “Power of partnership – connected intelligence”.

Innovative ToothLock® Technology introduced at Fastener Fair 2015 in Stuttgart, Germany 3/10/2015


In close cooperation with the automotive industry, we are pleased to introduce two unique products especially designed for today’s stringent requirements within charged air and drive-shaft applications.

ToothLock® Ear Clamp 293

Superior performance for Next-Generation charged air systems.

The new ToothLock® Ear Clamp 293 endures higher pressure loads, extreme thermal stress and is easy to assemble within a compact space-restrictive environment – exceeding the challenges of today’s charged air systems.

Learn more about ToothLock® Ear Clamps 293

Watch ToothLock® Ear Clamp 293 Video

ToothLock® Low Profile Clamp 292

The most powerful and assembly-friendly low profile clamp for drive shaft sealing systems.

Space-efficient like a ring and assembly friendly like a clamp, the ToothLock® Low Profile Clamp 292 easily integrates into the assembly line. This new innovation provides superior all around sealing and is the first low profile clamp to offer an extended working diameter range– supporting material fluctuations. New CrossTech® technology features an extremely low profile design which is great for compact environments.  The ToothLock® Low Profile Clamp 292 is the right solution for drive shaft applications.

Learn more about ToothLock® Low Profile Clamps 292

Watch ToothLock® Low Profile Clamp 292 Video

Oetiker Group acquires specialized hand tool manufacturer Rostra Tool Company in the USA 11/18/2014

Horgen, Switzerland / Branford, USA, 18 November 2014

Oetiker Logo

Oetiker Group acquired all shares in Buckingham Tool Acquisition Corporation, the parent company of Rostra Tool Company (“Rostra”), on 31 October 2014. The acquisition of Rostra, a specialized hand tool manufacturer, strengthens Oetiker’s tool capabilities and opens up additional growth opportunities in various markets.

“With the acquisition of Rostra’s high quality hand tools we further improve our system approach, that is to serve our clients not only with leading connecting solutions and services but also with the right installation tools that are easy to use and reliable,” says Thomas Meier-Bickel, CEO of Oetiker Group. “Furthermore, Rostra offers very attractive products specifically developed for the PEX plumbing market which will help us to further improve our market position in this field.”

Rostra, in business for over 150 years, designs and manufactures specialized hand tools mainly for the plumbing, automotive and electrical market. The company markets its product lines of crimp and press tools, cutting tools as well as strip tools to wholesale distributors and other market specific distribution channels under a number of trademarked brands, with its flagship brand being “Sargent Quality Tools”. For decades, Rostra has led the industry in introducing innovative hand tool solutions that meet end users’ requirements for performance, durability, weight and ergonomics. The Company brings a workforce of over 40 employees and has its headquarters in Branford, Connecticut.

Commenting on the transaction, Mick Sunter, President and CFO of Rostra, said: “This is a great move for our company. Both Oetiker and Rostra share a similar culture and philosophy and we are truly excited about the growth opportunities that will no doubt present themselves for both our organizations in the future.”

For additional information about Rostra please visit

Mr. Masaaki Imai, Founder of Kaizen Institute visits Hans Oetiker Production Plant 10/23/2014

In support of continuous improvement, the Hans Oetiker Group has leveraged the guidance and expertise of the highly-respected Kaizen Institute since November 2013. As a result, the Oetiker Kaizen Team had the honor of hosting Mr. Masaaki Imai – Founder of the Kaizen Institute and famous Kaizen-expert.

In his latest travels, only a few fortunate companies had the opportunity to meet Mr. Masaaki Imai. Together with his wife and two Kaizen consultants, Mr. Masaaki Imai visited the Hans Oetiker Production Plant in Endingen Germany on October 17, 2014.

During his visit, Mr. Masaaki Imai initiated a “Gemba-Walk” which included a tour of the facility and a discussion around the experiences, the activities and the progress of the local Kaizen Team.

Martin Wendel / Badische Zeitung


Afterwards all local Oetiker employees had the unique opportunity to meet Mr. Masaaki Imai and share their thoughts on the Kaizen Philosophy while gaining valuable knowledge and advice in support of successful continuous improvement initiatives.

About Mr. Masaaki Imai
Masaaki Imai is the Founder of Kaizen Institute which was established in Switzerland in 1985 to help companies implement the practice of kaizen and the various systems and tools known today as Lean Management. Today Kaizen Institute Consulting Group (KICG) is the leading global operational excellence consultancy with over 400 professionals located in offices across 30 countries serving clients in 30 languages.

Oetiker Group acquires Levi Peterson Group, a leading manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions. 8/12/2014

 Horgen, Switzerland / Anderstorp, Sweden, 12 August 2014

Oetiker Logo Levi Logo

Oetiker Group, a leading international manufacturer of connecting solutions, acquired the entire share capital of Smalland AB, the parent company of Levi Peterson Group, effective 8 August 2014. With this acquisition, Oetiker reinforces its market position in the heavy vehicles market and further strengthens its position as one of the leading suppliers in the automotive industry.

Levi Peterson Group - this year celebrating its 100th year of existence - develops, manufactures and markets straps and V-clamps mainly for the heavy vehicles market. Customers choose Levi Peterson for its strong engineering competencies and its ability to quickly develop customized solutions as a result of an early involvement in the design process of the customer.

Levi Peterson Group is headquartered in Anderstorp, Sweden, and has a second production facility in Lithuania (Druskininkai) and sales offices in the US, Germany and Belgium. The Group generates sales of EUR 16 million with a workforce of over 120 employees.

Smalland AB, the parent company, was mainly owned by Fredrik Idin, who - as a member of the 4th generation of the founding family - has successfully internationalized the business. “Right from the first contact, I felt that Oetiker would be the right partner for my company. I believe it is now the ideal time for our companies to join forces and I see a great future for the Levi Peterson Group within the Oetiker Group,” says Fredrik Idin, former owner and CEO of the Levi Peterson Group.

“Levi has a very attractive product portfolio for the heavy vehicles market. Its portfolio is complementary to ours and allows us to gain a stronger foothold in this market,” says Thomas Meier-Bickel, CEO of Oetiker Group. “We see significant growth potential for Levi’s products due to stricter emission standards worldwide and are convinced that we can further increase sales, especially in Asia and the Americas, with the help of our global sales network.”

“The acquisition of Levi Peterson Group is in line with our Group Strategy 2015 and shall be the starting point for further acquisitions in the future,” adds Thomas Meier-Bickel.

Founded in Horgen, Switzerland in 1942, the Oetiker Group serves customers in over 70 countries and is a global leader in clamping and connection solutions. Oetiker designs, manufactures and distributes clamps, rings and quick connectors as well as appropriate assembly solutions. Oetiker’s connecting solutions can be found in Automotive and Industrial applications. The Oetiker Group is a privately held company with more than 1200 employees worldwide in over 20 locations across Europe, Asia, and the America’s. In 2013, the company generated sales of EUR 175 million.

Association of Management Consultants awards ASCO Award 2014 Gold to Oetiker 6/6/2014

ASCO Award 2014

Every year the Association of Management Consultants of Switzerland awards “Best Business Transformations”. 

On the evening of May 28, 2014, the honorable jury presented the coveted award for the ninth year. Oetiker Group and its management consulting partner, Abegglen Management Consultants, took first prize for the successful implementation of Oetiker’s ambitious growth strategy.

Executive Board of the Oetiker Group

As a global leader in the connecting industry and striving to be a step ahead of competition, in 2010 our Executive Board decided to pursue a growth strategy with the ambitious goal to grow 100 million Swiss Francs and to realign the group by 2015.

To successfully achieve the aggressive growth targets, key initiatives comprising all corporate levels were initiated. These initiatives were regarded with the highest visibility and monthly reviews were held at the Executive Board level to monitor incremental progress and support positive results.At the end it was worth the tremendous effort. Since 2010, Oetiker has consistently achieved 8.4% organic growth - far exceeding the original goal of 7.4% annually.

The Oetiker Group has clearly gained both the agility and ability to change and systematically increase its competitiveness.

Oetiker CRM team awarded to Gold Winners at the SAP Quality Awards 5/28/2014


Each year, with the SAP Quality Awards, SAP recognizes “Thought Leaders” who have outstandingly excelled in the planning and execution of their SAP projects and programs, delivering significant value to their organizations. In 2014 the global Oetiker CRM (Customer Relationship Management) project team has succeeded in the category “Rapid Delivery” to inspire the critical jury with its ultimate team performance.

Oetiker is awarded gold for the rapid implementation of its global CRM system within just eight months’ time, which included a global alignment of processes and business practices in more than 20 locations in EMEA, Asia and Americas. Based on the SAP “Best Practice” approach, the Oetiker CRM team has managed in an unparalleled manner to streamline processing in marketing and sales and to entirely focus even more strongly on the needs of our customers.

Rainer Verling (CIO Oetiker Group) and Kurt Naef (SAP-CRM Program Manager Oetiker Group) accepted the prestigious award on behalf of the entire global Oetiker project team on the occasion of the annual SAP Forum held on May 22, 2014 in Basel.

With the awards category, “Rapid Delivery”, SAP honors small or mid-sized implementation projects with fewer than 500 users, a very short project lead time from kickoff to first significant go-live, an implementation effort for the project used fewer than 1000 person days. The ultimate goal is to effectively achieve project results, which create a business value after a short straight-forward implementation period.

Every year SAP nominates and evaluates projects of its high profile customers through ten quality principles that are recommended by SAP. An excellent project planning as well as a focus on a rapid and effective implementation close to the SAP standard were aspects the jury were looking at.

Dr. Thomas Meier-Bickel, CEO of the Oetiker Group, is very satisfied with the project and names critical success factors: “I am convinced that we took an effective approach by defining the CRM strategy first, involving all stakeholders right from the beginning, granting unconditional support from our management team and by giving a lot of attention to training and change management. With this project we have made a significant step towards our ambitious growth targets.”

“Ultimately, motivated people are the key drivers of successful projects” summarizes Rainer Verling and basically formulates the success principle for running and future projects.

Grand Opening in Tianjin, China 5/14/2014

Oetiker is proud to announce the opening of our newest production
facility located in Tianjin, China. The move to the newly built
145,000 sq. ft. production facility offers greater capacity levels to support the demands of our customers in this rapidly growing market. 


On May 13, 2014, a special Grand Opening Ceremony took place at the new facility. Over 200 Oetiker employees along with our CEO, Executive Board members, Counselor of Switzerland Embassy in China, Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce, as well as local government representatives were in attendance.

Oetiker is excited about its future in China and will continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Oetiker India counting on global relationships for further growth 1/10/2013

CEO of the Oetiker Group Dr. Thomas Meier-Bickel and Ashwani Keswani, Country head of Oetiker India, at an interview with Auto Monitor, India's No. 1 Magazine for Automotive News.
Download the article here, or follow the link to the magazine Auto Monitor.



 "A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one."

(gr. philosopher 540-480 BC)
365 days full of strong connections – thank you for your trust.
We are looking forward to an exciting new year.

India – an important milestone for the Oetiker Group 11/23/2012

CEO of the Oetiker Group Dr. Thomas Meier-Bickel together with CPO Stefan Miessmer and Ashwani Keswani, Country head of Oetiker India, at an interview with India's premier B2B automotive magazine about the challenges and opportunities of doing business in India. Click here to read more.

The next generation of electronically controlled pneumatic pincers 7/13/2012

Product launch of Oetiker ELK 02 - already available in Europe and Americas
For highly efficient, process reliable and force-monitored installation of clamps, ELK 02 offers a range of innovative and useful functions.
Compared to its predecessor model ELK 01, the ELK 02 control unit has been thoroughly optimized.
The ELK 02 comes with extended data storage, a capacity for 99 active program numbers.  With an increased display and function keys it allows for ease of operation. The extended range of interfaces ensures that ELK 02 can be integrated in automated assemblies.
Additionally, the software has been upgraded by a range of useful functions leading to user friendly installations and allowing for precise controlling – customized for diverse Oetiker product groups. The closure detection, for example, ensures the closure of all clamps and avoids multiple closures. Furthermore, it allows for optional selection of force priority or stroke priority closures, offers the possibility to indicate achieved compression rates of the material to be clamped, as well as the indication of spring back measurements for selected products.  
These and further features can be demonstrated to interested customers by our applications engineers on site. Please contact your Oetiker contact person.
Learn more about the advantages of ELK 02.

Oetiker sells coupling business to TST Tamsan 7/3/2012

Oetiker has decided to divest its compressed air coupling business to TST Tamsan.

TST Tamsan will acquire equipment, inventory and patents from Oetiker. TST Tamsan will take over the coupling business with effect from beginning of August 2012.

With this step, Oetiker, a manufacturer of connecting technologies, tightens its focus on its core business clamps, rings, installation tools and quick connectors representing the bulk of its revenues. Most of the clients of the coupling business are in industries (e.g. MRO) where Oetiker is not strongly present with its core products. Oetiker's head office is in Switzerland. The company has 1'100 employees and 21 branches in Europe, North America and Asia.

TST Tamsan is a manufacturer of quick- and multi-couplings for hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, gas, chemical and fluid applications. TST Tamsan's head office is in Turkey. The company has 180 employees and branches in Germany, UK and Canada. For TST Tamsan, the integration of Oetiker's coupling business represents an increase in know-how and production capacity and contributes to further expanding its product line into compressed air. This step will also ensure continuity for the customers of Oetiker’s coupling business.

Rane TRW Steering Systems awarded Oetiker India 5/29/2012

Oetiker has been awarded as “best supplier” by the leading Indian automotive steering systems manufacturer Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd. With this certificate Rane TRW honored Oetiker for our „commendable supplier performance and support”.

Rane TRW operates as a joint venture corporation of the Indian Rane Group (headquartered in Chennai) and the US-American TRW Automotive, (headquartered in Livonia, Michigan).
The company's operations primarily encompass the design, manufacture and sale of safety systems and is one of the largest players in the field. Rane TRW serves a variety of industry segments, such as  Passenger Cars, Multi Utility Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles, Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Farm Tractors, Three-wheelers, Two-wheelers and Stationary Engines.

Oetiker presents innovative products at Fastener Fair 2012 4/26/2012

Oetiker was pleased to introduce exciting product offerings on the newly designed booth at the Fastener Fair in Hannover, Germany.

The presentation of the new PG 123 & 193 showed visitors the advantages of the next generation of Stepless® Ear Clamps. Thanks to the new design, PG 123 & 193 provides our customers more performance with higher radial loads and uniform compression.

A prototype of the next generation of electronically controlled installation tools was also introduced. The new features of ELK 02 leads to even more process reliability and optimized usability for verifiable installation. The “Magic eye“ feature, for example,  helps to avoid multiple closures of clamps. With an extended range of interfaces, ELK 02 has more flexibility to be integrated in automated systems. ELK 02 will be launched shortly.

The participation in the fair was successful and provided valuable impulses for customer focused connecting solutions.


The next Generation of our Stepless® Ear Clamps PG 123 & 193 4/20/2012

Strong in Performance
Innovative in Design
Reliable in every Respect

The next Generation of our Stepless® Ear Clamps PG 123 & 193 - Keeps its promise.

Learn more about our new Ear Clamps PG 123 & 193. Find out how our new clamp can support your application reliably and effectively.

Visit us at Fastener Fair 24th -26th April 2012, Hannover,  Hall 21, booth F30- with clamp assembly at the booth!
Or visit us at Auto China 2012, 23rd -27th April, 2012, booth 8B01

We are looking forward to your visit.

Oetiker Hungary - Supplier of the year 12/22/2011 | Hungary

Oetiker Hungaria KFT in Vasvár was appointed SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2011 for Hungary by Knorr Bremse in Budapest. Our trading company supplies mainly Ear Clamps for fixing protection hoses and Worm Drive Clamps for assembling rubber sleeves in brake systems.

Welcome to our new website! 12/20/2011 | Switzerland

Dear visitor,

We are pleased to welcome you to our brand-new Oetiker website - where you will experience clear structures combined with our new design.

Would you like to get more details about one of our products without going through the whole catalog? Simply click on “Products” to find detailed product information including all relevant downloads such as technical data sheets, etc.

Does your company require connecting technology for your products? Find out more about our clamping and connecting solutions and discover how small parts from Oetiker can contribute to great applications.

Is Oetiker already known to you and you just would like to be informed on the latest news? Visit our homepage to be up-to-date. Here, you will discover trade show participations of Oetiker worldwide, learn of new job opportunities and find the latest news about the Oetiker group.

You can expect this and much more from our new website. Take a look!

Your Oetiker group

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