• Cultures & Values

Cultures & values

As a family business with over 80 years of experience, we have always been guided by our values. They summarize who we are and how we treat our customers and each other. They are not only a reflection of the last 80 years but also a torch that lights the way over the next 80 years.

    • Global long-term perspective

      We respect our family business heritage and conduct our business with a global, long-term perspective

      • Planning horizons, investments and management decision-making ensure long-term sustainability of the company
      • Global presence allows for close proximity to our customers
      • Global perspective means acting in the best interests of the company as a whole
    • Customers at the core

      We focus all actions on our customers

      • Serving our customers is our reason for being
      • Our battleground is external – in our markets with competitors
      • Customer orientation in living our values every day
    • Value people

      We operate from a foundation of trust

      • Trust in people, give them the freedom and responsibility to achieve results
      • Encouragement to take on new responsibilities and support with investments in professional and personal development
      • Cross-functional and cross-cultural cooperation and respect for individual and cultural differences
    • Pride in our quality

      We have a zero-defect-mentality

      • Quality mindset lived by all functions and regions
      • Active and open approach, focused on preventing errors and making improvements
      • Source of competitive advantage from our quality products, customer service, employees, teamwork and underlying processes
    • Innovation

      We embrace the spirit of our founder, with technological leadership and customers always at the forefront

      • Focus on understanding and addressing current and future needs for products, processes and services
      • Open culture where failure is acceptable as a way to learn from experiments and tests
      • Empowerment to systematically adjust to changes and make value-added improvements