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At Oetiker, we give our customers the peace of mind that their mission-critical components are reliably connected. Our employees tell us the same can be said for them. They get peace of mind from knowing that their contributions are valued, that they can be part of a committed, global team and that the company always has their best interests at heart. See what a few of our team members from around the world have to say about how working at Oetiker gives them peace of mind.

  • Emmanuel Fellows
  • Emmanuel FellowsTeam Leader for CFT at Oetiker in Alliston, Ontario, Canada“I get peace of mind knowing that at Oetiker I will be able to have job satisfaction until the day I retire.”
    My name is Emmanuel Fellows and I work for Oetiker in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. In 2011, I joined the team as an operator. Since then I have been developed into a supervisory role. I really appreciate how Oetiker values the strengths in employees and invests in their personal development. Leadership courses, robust safety training and facilitating kaizen activities are just some examples of this. What I also enjoy is the freedom to make my own decisions and try out new things. Learning from my mistakes is part of the corporate culture and not deemed as a failure when I grow from it. I feel that Oetiker sees everyone as skilled in their own way and values people outside of just their job description. It’s great to work for an international company that enables all of us to step outside of the box and allow our individual skills to shine.
  • Betty SunSupplier Quality Development at Oetiker in Tianjin, China“I get peace of mind from working in an environment where I can grow and meet exciting challenges every day.”
    I am Betty Sun and I work in Supplier Quality Development at Oetiker in Tianjin, China. I have been with Oetiker for more than 13 years now. What makes it great to work for this company is the sense of belonging. At Oetiker people are valued. I feel that I am trusted to make my own decisions and take responsibility. Oetiker encouraged me to apply for a new position I was interested in. I got the possibility to change from Supplier Quality Assurance to Supplier Quality Development in global procurement. Of course, you always have to find your way into a new area first. But if you work in a company that allows you to make mistakes and learn from it, this works very well. My current job offers a bigger platform with more challenges and responsibilities. All in all, it is simply great for me to have the chance to grow with this company.
  • Betty Sun
  • Tomasz Godlewski
  • Tomasz GodlewskiProject Engineer at Oetiker in Legnickie Pole, Poland“I get peace of mind knowing that I work for a company that has a strong focus on innovation.”
    My name is Tomasz Godlewski and I am a project engineer in research and development in Legnickie Pole, Poland. I have been part of the “Oetiker family” for a couple of months now. Oetiker introduces new employees with great attention so that you immediately develop a sense of belonging. In addition to the product portfolio and company values, you will have the opportunity to get to know new colleagues, visit various locations and find out about exciting projects. What immediately impressed me about this company is the employees’ drive and the high product quality. I also appreciate how everyone showed great interest in my previous experiences and possible synergies. I am really looking forward to being able to further develop my skills in a working environment where all activities are well-planned with a clear, long-term goal.
  • Barb DrakeHead Coordinator in Receiving at Oetiker in Lancaster, New York, USA“I get peace of mind knowing that Oetiker’s great product portfolio will keep the company flourishing.”

    I am Barb Drake and I work for Oetiker in Lancaster, New York, USA. I started in Shipping & Receiving two years ago and I am the Head Coordinator in Receiving now. I had a lot of great experiences here. For example, I always like to remember how our CEO Thomas came to Lancaster for a visit during my first year here. He realized I was new, walked up to me to introduce himself and asked how I liked working for Oetiker so far. Being acknowledged by the CEO makes you feel valued and welcome. If you feel comfortable, you can develop yourself further. Thanks to the support I have received from my manager, I feel motivated. He promotes team work and really considers all of our ideas to make our department more efficient. Additionally, he challenges me to step out of my comfort zone. All in all, I feel very comfortable here and also appreciate, for example, the friendly HR department, which is always happy to support you, no matter whether you have been here for a while or are new to the job.
  • Barb Drake