Quick Connector 220 Polymeric

  • Polymeric construction: lightweight and corrosion resistant nylon material
  • Two piece construction: customizable interface
  • Designed for maximum performance: 100% production leak tested
  • Controlled axial clearance: prevents micro leakage
  • Minimum pressure drop: ensures optimum flow
  • Robust retainer mechanism: low insertion force
  • Internal seal: leak prevention at tube interface


    Oetiker Quick Connectors (QC) are an innovative connecting solution for pressure lines carrying media. They enable significant savings in assembly time, space required, assembly costs to be made, reduced warranties, and reduced injuries due to repetitive motion.

    Thanks to tool-free assembly, Oetiker Polymeric QCs are an optimal solution for many applications and are particularly suitable as a connecting element for electric vehicle and engine block coolant lines.

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      Quick Connectors 220 Polymeric

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