Two-Piece Swaging Tool Oetiker Compact & Compact XL

Cost effective tool solution.
Small size allows flexibility.
Two separate halves for optimum component access.
Interlocking swaging segments guarantee 360° compression of MCR.
Interchangeable swaging jaws enhance quick-change features.
Optional arrangement enables 2 rings to be installed ≥ 45 mm apart.


Oetiker Multi Crimp Rings should be assembled using the swaging tools developed for them. This ensures correct assembly and the best possible product performance. The vertical-opening, Two-Piece Swaging Tools for Oetiker Multi Crimp Rings with its compact dimensions allows for the separation of the tool halves for optimum accessibility and automatic latching of the tool.

Powered by an external force – for example a hydraulic press – the jaws interact to reduce the MCR diameter. Because the jaw segments overlap, optimum compression of the ring is achieved.

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