Pneumatic Pincers Oetiker ME with Pistol Grip

Pincer ME:
Installation tool with high process reliability
Efficient, uniform assembly
High-quality, complete pincer system for uniform clamp closures 
Full range of pincer heads, for compatibility to all standard clamps
Adaptation of special head designs possible
Medical Grade available
Pistol grip:
For Oetiker Pneumatic Pincers HO 2000 / 3000 / 4000 ME 
Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use
Available as retrofit kit or pre-assembled with new pincers 


This high-quality, complete pincer system ensures the uniform installation of Oetiker clamps. The selection of the correct pincer body and head is dependent on the type of Oetiker clamp, the required closing force, and the air supply pressure that is available.

To obtain the optimum closing force, please refer to the technical information for the product being installed, and take into account the availability of special pincer heads.

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