Oetiker European Roadshow: Poland

We are excited to bring you the latest highlights from our recent EMEA Roadshow stop in Poland, where we had the privilege of hosting over 200 attendees across 12 insightful visits.

Diverse Expertise Converges

Our event brought together professionals from various departments, including R&D, quality control, production, maintenance, technology, logistics and procurement. This diversity created a dynamic platform for experts to engage, exchange ideas and share invaluable insights.

Closer to Customers

Speaking of customers, we had the pleasure of welcoming the following companies:

  • DG CORP Wrocław
  • Wolmot Wolbrom
  • OZAS ESAB Opole
  • Lincoln Electric Bielawa
  • Biazet Białystok
  • Soda System Poznań
  • Solaris Bolechowo
  • Reka Rubber Dopiewo
  • SMP Poland Białystok
  • Sigma Trade Białystok
  • Reflex Wąbrzeźno

Nurturing relationships and driving progress is always at the heart of our EMEA Roadshow. These events help to reinforce our commitment to fostering lasting connections and driving positive change within the industry. We remain dedicated to building these relationships for a brighter future.

Stay tuned for more insights as our EMEA Roadshow journey continues.