Oetiker Solutions for Turbochargers.

Performance. Reliability. Efficiency.

  • Reliable Connections for Turbochargers.
    Delivering a high-performance, reliable solution that brings you Peace of Mind. Our connections ensure efficiency, keeping your turbocharger systems running strong mile after mile. Oetiker Quick Connectors offer an optimized, economical and durable connection solution for oil and coolant lines in your mission critical turbocharger systems.
  • Quick Connectors for Turbochargers
    Oetiker Clamps for Steam Irons
  • Oetiker SMILE Compact Tight Packaging Space
    When space is limited, you need a connecting solution that is compact and can be easily installed in tight spaces. Oetiker Quick Connectors are the ideal solution thanks to their lightweight, compact design and tool-free installation.
  • Oetiker SMILE Adaptable High Flow Performance
    Oetiker Quick Connectors enable high flow and low pressure drop connections which keep high performing turbochargers reliable and efficient.
  • Oetiker SMILE Efficient Reliable and Fast Assembly
    Oetiker Quick Connectors provide reliable and controlled sealing interfaces that the end line assembler can connect fast and reliably. This provides faster assembly of vehicles and better quality to the end customer.
  • Introducing: Quick Connectors 201 & 210
    Oetiker Quick Connectors are an innovative connecting solution for pressure lines carrying media. Made from high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions.They enable significant savings in assembly time and cost, are space efficient and reduce warranties. Repetitive motion injuries are minimized during installation thanks to the tool-free design.

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Quick & Easy Assembly. For a Reliable Connection.
Oetiker Quick Connectors
  • Align quick connector & tube
  • Push tube fully into quick connector
  • Pull tube firmly to confirm assembly

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  • Quick Connector 201 Turbocharger
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