• Peace of Mind

    We give our customers the peace of mind, that their mission-critical components are reliably connected. Being a global, long-term partner, with experts who are committed to quickly solve our customers connection requirements, we can consistently provide the high-quality solutions needed for a reliable connection. This is why for over 75 years, leading global OEMs consistently turn to Oetiker. And this is why, we are able to produce over 2 billion of these connections - clamps and quick connectors - every year!

  • Global, Long-term

    Oetiker is a family-owned business founded in Horgen, Switzerland by Mr. Hans Oetiker - who invented the world's first ear clamp. The global long-term perspective of Oetiker reflects its path forward and commitment to always looking ahead with our customers. Supporting this strong customer focus, we have grown to 13 manufacturing facilities and have local presence in 32 countries.

  • Reliable

    Proven on more than 90 million vehicles annually and featured on virtually every vehicle manufactured, the reliability of Oetiker clamps and connecting technologies has driven us to the "go to" position for solutions which help to ensure the performance of vehicles and other mission-critical components.

  • Expert

    Our team of highly qualified individuals bring unique expertise in connecting technologies to bear on the performance of customers' mission-critical components. Experience, insights and understanding of our customer's production challenges puts us in position to deliver the smartest solutions.

  • Agile

    Our product application experts are ready to respond with great agility to swiftly address specific connection requirements. From specific materials, special features, color or size, our strategically located support centers are available to provide the solution customers can rely upon.

  • Committed

    Oetiker engineering and service teams are focused on delivering not only peace of mind but exceptional quality, services and solutions each and every day. The longevity of our teams ensures unmatched continuity and commitment to every customer.