Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268

Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268

  • Reusability: can be repeatedly opened and re-installed
  • Low assembled height: simplified implementation under the hood, reduced risk of damage to neighboring parts
  • Minimum band width: optimized packaging in tight spaces
  • Novel tensioning hook design: fast and reliable high-volume assembly with monitored tools, simple service with common water pump pliers
  • 360° StepLess®: uniform 360° sealing
  • Large closure travel: easy axial positioning over the bead
  • Curled edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped and improved ergonomics during assembly
  • Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268



    Oetiker’s Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268 are the most cost effective, high performing, reusable and space efficient clamps in the world. Manufactured from high quality 304 stainless steel for longevity, they offer fully monitored and traced high volume assembly using Oetiker EL tools. The unique design also enables easy service using standard water pump pliers for removal and re-installation.


    With curled edges for improved ergonomics during assembly, a 360° StepLess® design for a leak-free seal, high corrosion resistance and durability, the Reusable Low Profile Clamps 268 are the superior solution to worm drive and spring band clamps.


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