Medical Grade Pneumatic Pincer ME

High process reliability: release mechanism designed to prevent misoperationg

Reliable assembly: complete pincer system ensures efficient & uniform assembly

Easy handling: lightweight and ergonomic design for one-handed operation

Broad applicability: full range of pincer heads for compatibility to all standard clamps

Customizable heads: different pincer head designs according to application

Paint-free body: to avoid particulate contamination

Medical Grade lubricant: to comply with medical and clean room standards


This high-quality, complete pincer system ensures the uniform assembly of Oetiker clamps. The selection of the correct pincer body and head is determined by the type of Oetiker clamp to be assembled, the optimum closing force and the air supply pressure that is available.

To obtain the optimum closing force, please refer to the technical information for the product being installed, and take into account the availability of special pincer heads.


The pincer body is paint-free to avoid any potential contamination of clean rooms. It is treated with a special Medical grade lubricant certified by USP 88 Class VI and ISO 10993-5 to comply with Medical Standards. To maintain traceability, the relevant information is laser marked directly onto the pincer body.

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    Medical Grade Pneumatic Pincer ME

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