Valved Quick Connector

Quick connector body: Aluminum or plated steel material option - secures Valved Quick Connector to assembly module such as transmission, turbocharger, or battery tray via external threads. Spring washer available to retain plastic oil cooler housing with inner cooler when torqued.

Retaining clip: Secures fluid tube to Valved Quick Connector.

Internal seal: Seals fluid inside Valved Quick Connector and tube from the external environment (Available seal materials: FKM, AEM, and EPDM).

External O-ring: Seals Valved Quick Connector by retaining internal working fluid and keeping external environmental factors out (Available seal materials: FKM, AEM, and EPDM). Bonded or crush type seals also available.

Spring: Keeps valve closed until compressed by fluid tube.

Valve actuator & seal: Polymer actuator features valve seal to 110%, retaining fluid when closed, while allowing maximum fluid flow when valve is open.



The Valved Quick Connector (VQC) has all the benefits of the Oetiker Quick Connector while completely retaining fluid inside the vehicle module (i.e., transmissions or battery packs) until the fluid tube is inserted past the internal seal. Once the tube is installed into the quick connector, flow begins with minimal pressure drop. Transmissions, turbochargers, battery packs, and other cooling modules can be filled, tested, and shipped to the OEM without the need to drain and clean. With fluid retained inside the module, factory floors remain safe and clean during assembly or service featuring a 100% dry connection.

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